Free Zone Company Setup

Free Zone Company Setup

UAE free zones are economically independant tax-free regions that allow complete foreign ownership and a multitude of business-related advantages

There are numerous advantages to opening a company in a UAE Free Zones, most notably:

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 0% corporate and personal income taxes
  • No import or export taxes
  • Full expatriation of Capital and profits
  • Readily available office options
  • No currency restrictions

Free Zones & Prices

The UAE is home to more than 37 free zones which provides great opportunity and flexibility for investors who are looking for a new start or even to expand their businesses from around the world. We can set up a free zone company in the UAE according to your investment range and area of business. Do you want to start a new business in Dubai or do you want to open a branch of your current business in the UAE, with  100% ownership? We can help you by utilizing all of our resources.

In order to start your Fee Zone company, there are some steps you have to take. We can help you with all mandatory procedures required to operate legally within a Free Zone:

Free Zone License Registration

To operate your new Free Zone company, you will need a valid trade license, which is to be renewed annually. This process requires a certain amount information and documentation to be provided, and can be daunting at first:

  • Choosing business activities
  • Securing the company’s name
  • Filling registration forms and legal documents
  • Applying for your work permit, which will turn into your Residence Visa

We will take care of everything for you and expedite this crucial step, by asking only a MINIMUM amount of input from your side.

Residence Visa

Securing a UAE Residence Visa is required for the company’s main shareholder and employees. They usually have a 3-year validity. Many Free Zones offer specific deals for Investor and Employee visas, at reduced costs, for an extended amount of time, etc…

The main shareholder will also require an EMIRATES ID, an identification card issued by the General Directorate of Identity and Citizenship, that allows any U.A.E. resident to get access to a multitude of governmental services, open a bank account, and buy or rent property, among others.

These bureaucratic endeavors have many steps and might take up to a month, requiring coordination with governmental agencies, so let Ariston take care of any immigration-related issue.

Corporate Bank Account Opening

Another mandatory step, this will be the financial basis of your business. Banks have different requirements and restrictions, so it might take from two weeks to a month to open a business account in the UAE.

Let us find the bank that best suits the nature of your business and have your account opened with minimum hassle.

Office Rental

Your new free zone company will require a headquarters. Leasing a property is also required by UAE banks for every new corporate account.

To this end, Free Zones have many readily available options to choose from,  according to each company’s needs: fully furnished executive offices with conference and utility rooms, shared desks for online businesses requiring the minimal space available at reduced cost, warehouses for trading or manufacturing companies, and even entire plots of land.

Registered agents

One stop shop

We have strong business setup service experience in the Middle East and particularly in the UAE. The company formation and incorporation is different and some Free Zones are some of the most sought after places.