Open an Offshore company in the U.A.E. and benefit from multiple tax advantages, complete financial anonymity and asset protection

In the U.A.E., you can start an offshore company with three entities, the Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), RAK ICC and the Ajman Free Zone. With an offshore company, you can open business accounts in multiple currencies and carry out international business, but you will not be allowed to carry business within the U.A.E.

Despite this restriction, offshore companies bestow a number of incredible advantages:

  • No corporate or income taxes
  • No import/ exports taxes
  • Complete anonymity for all company shareholders and directors
  • Asset and legal protection
  • Fast business setup
  • Low maintenance cost

List of Offshore Zones & Prices

License Registration

After you choose your business activities, we collect all shareholder documents that will be needed in order to register the company. Depending on the entity, some additional information might be required, but the main ones are:

  • Shareholder’s passport copies
  • Proof of address
  • Shareholder’s personal bank statement
  • Company Business plan
  • Shareholder’s Curriculum Vitae

Ariston Companies Formation will submit all of the documents and fill all required forms in order to make the company’s incorporation as fast as possible, with a minimal input from your part.

Corporate Bank Account Opening

While with an offshore company you are free to open multiple foreign accounts, most professionals choose to open a United Arab Emirates business bank account.

This allows you to take advantage of the unique UAE taxation liberties. After the collection of all required documents, we manage the rest of the process so that you can continue to focus on setting up your business.

It takes between fifteen days to a month to open a new corporate account, depending on the bank and the client’s range of activities.

Residence Visas

No Residence Visas can be issued with an offshore company license. The company cannot operate within the U.A.E. , so the shareholders themselves cannot become residents through it.


Unlike some mainland licenses, an offshore company can have 100% foreign ownership and does not require a Local sponsor or a Local Service Agent.

United Arab Emirates Taxation

National taxation rules do not apply to Offshore companies. Since January 2018, by virtue of royal decree, the U.A.E. government has made a mandatory 5% VAT to all kinds of businesses with few exceptions.

However, Offshore companies are completely exempt from from this, and remain tax- free to this day.

Registered agents

One stop shop

We have strong business setup service experience in the Middle East and particularly in the UAE. The company formation and incorporation is different and some Free Zones are some of the most sought after places.